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Old Friend's Program

Are you lonely? Could you use more love and companionship in your life? Would you like a best friend who will adore you no matter what your age, health or financial position? Adopting a pet will repay you with a lifetime of loyalty and happiness.

 The focus of our Old Friend’s program is to place “senior citizen pets” with “senior citizen people”.


A well-cared for senior Japanese Chin (10 and older) can still live many more healthy and happy years. Unfortunately, so many people want puppies or young dogs that the senior Chin often experience “age discrimination”. As a senior person, you know that you have plenty of productive life left in you – so who would know better that these “old friends” deserve a home too. Seniors pets are more experienced cuddlers and since many need less exercise, they are just perfect for someone who wants a couch companion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: At what age is a Japanese Chin considered to be a “senior”?

Answer: A Chin is considered to be a senior at 10 years of age.  We may also consider “special needs” dogs to be eligible for this program.

Question: At what age is a person considered to be a “senior” to qualify for this program?

Answer: A person is considered to be a senior and eligible for this program at 65 years of age.  We will also consider disabled adults for this program. 

Question: I’d love to have a pet but at my age, I worry about what will happen to it if a time comes when I can no longer care for it. If and when that time comes, what will happen to my pet?

Answer: At JCCARE, we make a lifetime commitment to the Chin in our care. If there comes a time that you can no longer care for your Chin, we will gladly accept it back into our program.  We ask that you make sure that your family members and your attorney understand this. 

Question: I live on a fixed income and worry about the cost of adoption and owning a pet. What are the expenses?

Answer re: Adoption Costs: JCCARE is funded solely through adoption fees and donations. We receive no public funding.   Adoption fees in our Old Friend’s program may be greatly reduced or waived for lower-income seniors.  Our suggested adoption fee for our senior dogs in this program is 50% of the dogs regular adoption fee, but we ask that you make as generous a donation as possible when adopting a Chin.   Every penny of your adoption fee will go towards helping us to rescue more Chins.  Also, keep in mind that all Chin are up-to-date on vaccines, spayed or neutered and have thorough vetting before being adopted.

Answer re: Future Expenses: There are future expenses to consider when adopting a pet. All pets require annual checkups and vaccines as well as medications for heartworm and flea prevention so you will need to be prepared for these expenses.

All of our pets have had a through veterinary exam to determine if they have any health issues that will result in any extra medical expenses, and we will be sure that you are aware of those expenses before adoption. If you have the means and the willingness to adopt a pet with special health needs, your help will be so greatly appreciated.  If you have the willingness but not the financial means, we can consider you as a foster parent under our Sanctuary program.


  • Live in a residence that permits pets
  • Be able to afford to buy high-quality food for your pet as well as afford to provide it with regular veterinary care including heartworm and flea prevention.
  • Be physically active enough to take a dog for walks on leash at least once a day or to be able to let the dog out into a securely fenced yard.
  • Be willing to keep your pet inside with you. Japanese Chin are not outdoor dogs so we do not place them in a home where they will be kept outdoors. We do not permit our dogs to be chained outdoors so if they are allowed outside alone, you must have a fenced yard.
  • Be able to provide the pet with proper grooming. Japanese Chin have fairly low grooming needs but they do need brushed and bathed regularly.

Note: Because of our love for our Chin, we must retain the right to refuse any adoption. In addition, we retain the right to make follow-up visits to check on the welfare of the pet as well as to remove the pet if it is abused or neglected.